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The Horning's take wonderful care of our diabetic blind lab, Molly. We highly recommend them! Jim H. - June 21, 2014

Kira always comes out looking very good and smelling very good we are very pleased with the nice friendly service Kira is truly the pampered pet Lisha M. - June 21, 2014

Very good clean friendly place to have my Kira boarded they take very good car with her Lisha M. - June 21, 2014

Have never been disappointed in their service and treatment of our dogs. Lori M. - June 20, 2014

They have a nice extra large kennel area for giant breeds. It's perfect for our Newfie and they treat him like family! Lori M. - June 20, 2014

We always use Horning's for boarding our golden Retriever. It is obvious she gets gentle loving care because she is always ready to walk in the door to their facility.I recommend them to all my friends and they have not been disappointed. Sarah T. - June 22, 2014

My golden always loved going to Hornings for grooming or boarding. I recommend them to all my friends. Sarah T. - June 22, 2014

Our dog loves them! KandL - June 22, 2014

I looked at several boarding places and this was the best. My dog got sick during her stay and they were wonderful. Darlene Horning is a sweetheart. You can tell she truly cares about your pet. Thank you so much for all you did for Claudia. Deb D. - June 14, 2014

My dog always loves going to Horning's Pet Grooming for her baths. she gets so excited to go there and see everyone who is so good to her and she smells so good and is so beautiful when I pick her up! Lisa D. - June 5, 2014

Dogs love this place! My dog always is a very happy dog when I pick her up from a week on vacation. She loves to spend her vacation with all the people at Horning's Pet boarding! Sometimes I think she wants to stay longer. She definitely gets the care and attention she needs. Can't go wrong with this pet friendly environment. Lisa D. - June 5, 2014

I have been to several other groomers with maddie. They have always been very kind and I LOVE the way that they groom her!! Brenda S. - June 5, 2014

Great place and great people. Bill Brake - June 3, 2014

I have been going to Dar for over 20 years, she took care of my other little furry creatures, and now she still takes very good care of my special needs little furry one Paris, she has taken care of her from the time she was 8oz in weight, she was one of my rescues as a matter of fact she goes for he mani and pedi and full bath in the morning she is now 10, she has also boarded my dogs, we love her Evie S. - June 17, 2014

Darlene is flexible and so pleasant. You can really tell that she loves her job and loves the dogs. Her staff is the same. I have and will continue to recommend her. Marita W. - June 17, 2014

We board our dog here every time we go out of town. He's older and needs a little extra special attention and the wonderful staff always takes care of him. Best place around! Amanda B. - June 17, 2014

Always do a fantastic job with my Pomeranian! gizpepper - June 15, 2014

Simply the best! gizpepper - June 15, 2014

Very clean. They love animals and are very caring. Theresa N. - May 28, 2014

Our dog is always done perfectly! Way to go HORNING'S! Ava W. - May 26, 2014

Our dog is always excited to go to Dar's. He hears us get his leash and away we go. He is always so beautiful. Thank you HORNING"S! Ava W. - May 26, 2014

Josie looks so cute and smells wonderful after her grooming. Cindy W. - May 21, 2014

Josie LOVES everyone at Horning's and enjoys the extra attention. Cindy W. - May 21, 2014

They do a great job. Serena C. - May 20, 2014

Great people who do a great job. I never worry when I leave my two four-legged boys there. Bill Brake - June 3, 2014

Does great on My fur babies nails when need done! Lori L. - May 30, 2014

Best groomer EVER!!!! Darlene makes sure my standard poodle looks fancy every time....including painted nails!!!! HIGHLY recommend!!maddogswife1 - May 29, 2014

Best groomers around! KandL - June 15, 2013

the best dog grooming ever!!! Go Darlene!!!! Angela W. - May 19, 2014

Bo Loves going to Hornings for a spa day! Lisa V. - May 17, 2014


I always tell Tator Tot we are going to the spa. They handle him so fast and quick with his nails. I just love going to visit all the grils. It is a great place!! Theresia R. - May 14, 2014

They treat my dog like it is home. Theresia R. - May 14, 2014

They are great! Helen F. - May 2, 2014

Tobi loves it here! Rose Marie B. - April 28, 2014

We have taken our dogs there for over 10 yrs and I have never had a problem. They treat our dogs as family and that is why I love them. Debra Z. - June 12, 2013

I take my Persian there a couple times a year. She gets bathed and shaved like a lion and LOVES it. They have the best prices too melindaweakland - June 12, 2013

My lab LOVES going to Horning's Boarding for the stay and the grooming!!! The people there are true dog lovers and pretty dog-gone nice to the people, too! Pam M. - June 11, 2013

Been using them for 11 years. Always great to deal with and the dogs love them. Lori O. - June 8, 2013

I have a large dog that is not very friendly with strangers. He LOVES Horning"s. They are so good with him and he looks beautiful after being groomed. He actually gets excited when I drop him off. Evylyn S. - June 6, 2013

great place to go and get your pets well cared for.. Bow K. - June 5, 2013

They have been my Groomer for over 18 years, three dogs. They are wonderful, please try them, they are great Evie S. - June 14, 2013

They love animals and are great with your pets Roxanne T. - June 13, 2013

Darlene is always there to help with your pet's grooming problems whether big or small. I can remember when my little dog who was only 4 lbs. broke her leg and she was only 4 months old. Puppy hair was matted and full of everything from surgery liquids to bandage tape left overs. She worked with my dog until all of the bandages were off and we got her shaved completely to where she was even. You see she was bitting at her fur because of frustration with the borken bone and bandages and cast and she was a mess for a while. Darlene groomed her to keep from pulling her hair out. She was the oddest looking Yorkiepoo you ever saw. Today she gets groomed about every three months and you never could tell that she was a very sick and hurt little pup at one time. It takes patience and skill to work with sick and hurt dogs and at Horning Kennels they are very patient with your dogs. They care how they look and that you are satisfied with the groom. Debra Z. - June 12, 2013

Horning's pet grooming and boarding it the BEST. Jamie N. - June 4, 2013

When you board your animals they treat them like family, they get the attention they need while your away. You can be assured that are cared for and loved while your gone, walked and treated like their part of the family. Deana G. - June 4, 2013

I would never take my dogs anywhere else! They are the best ever and all there employees care about your dogs, my dogs even get excited when i tell them we are going to Dar Dar's. They look great when done and they know how beautiful they are. Deana G. - June 4, 2013

All my doggies love being groomed by you and/or your wonderful staff. Jan B. - May 31, 2013

My dog seemed happy ... Stacy B. - May 31, 2013

Friendly & caring Jessica W. - May 30, 2013

Great place to be sure your dog is well cared for and safe while you are away. Staff is awesome. Bill Brake - May 29, 2013

horning's do a very good job grooming my dog. they are very careing people and that is hard to come by these days Bow K. - June 5, 2013

Happy dog after being groomed! Donna R. - June 5, 2013

great people, they do it your way James L. - June 4, 2013

My dogs, Strait & Wyatt love staying with the Horning's! Their facility is always clean & the staff there is wonderful. I know when I leave them there, they are in good hands! Patti K - May 11, 2013

My Aussies, Strait & Wyatt love going to Horning's. And their "farm cut" always looks great! Patti K - May 11, 2013

My family have been going to hornings for 17 years, would not have anyone else take care of my dogs, at one time she took care of all three, two have now passed, she still has my pom, she is one of the best, her and her staff' Dar even took care of my little Pom Paris, i got her from a bad home, Dar took care of her at 8 ounces help get rid of the fleas on her and bathed her for me, she is there for all her customers, She would always turn the dryer down on low for my little poodle, as he got older, she had him for eighteen years, and she had my Jewels, and now my little pom paris, and will be having my grand doggie Winnie here soon, They are the best around Evie S. - May 11, 2013

They are very caring and friendly and our little dog just loves to stay with them !! Grapeape67 - May 8, 2013

Darlene and staff are excellent in both care and styling!!! Grapeape67 - May 8, 2013

They took great care of Tobi! Rose Marie B. - May 8, 2013

My golden doodle looks awesome after a trip to Horning's. The staff is caring and very detailed. Debbie B. - May 22, 2013

My dog has a wonderful stay. Chose to go here instead of my typical boarder in Columbus Ohio. Best care! Rachel B. - May 20, 2013

Best nail trim in town! Rachel B. - May 20, 2013

The only Groomer that will ever take care of my Standard Poodles. Our dogs love to go see Darlene & her staff. Worth the drive to have their care and true love for our pets. Rick F. - May 12, 2013

My dog was on special medication & They gave him the best care during his stay! I will bring him back to board! Marry etta S. - May 4, 2012

We bring our dog up from West Virginia when we come to visit. There is no place we've found as good as Horning's. They are great people. Chris H. - May 4, 2012

A very friendly place for your family pets! Sherie K. - May 2, 2012

Great people to trust with your pets grooming and boarding! Sherie K. - May 2, 2012

This is the best of all worlds for the pet owner! Roxie smells and looks good when she leaves. Darlene and Daughter you are doing a fine job with the business. You enjoy what you do and you do it well, my dog loves you what else do you need! Thanks girls! Erika H. - May 1, 2012

great place to leave part of your family when your away from home. Bow K. - May 1, 2012

Our Aussie is always groomed just the way we like it and he is very well cared for when boarded. Skip P. - May 7, 2013

My Dog loves going to Horning's!! Lisa V. - May 6, 2013

Hands down the best place for my dog anywhere. Ive tried them all. The care that these people show with animals is amazing. Hornings should be the ONLY animal boarding listing in the phone book. Brandon C. - May 4, 2012

My dog looked amazing & he was so happy he wanted to stay. He adores Darleen so much! Marry etta S. - May 4, 2012

Darlene sends our "baby" home looking like a brand new dog! Peggy T. - May 1, 2012

I love these guys! We have been taking our "baby" there since he was 12 weeks old. They spoil him just like grandma! Peggy T. - May 1, 2012

Our dog is always happy to visit Horning's, and we're always happy with the care she receives there. Carol M. - April 30, 2012

Home away from home! Jan B. - April 27, 2012

Allie loves coming there for tlc! Jan B. - April 27, 2012

I never have to worry about our pets when they are at Horning's. They treat them like their own. Rick F. - April 22, 2012


Tammy F. : Coco always enjoys her time @ Horning's. dmf - May 1, 2012

horning is the best Bow K. - May 1, 2012

I have been there for years with different pets and have always been treated good and happy with pet care thanks Dar and Duane Sandra W. - April 16, 2012

My dog, Beau looks like a whole different dog ... from shaggy dog to such a clean trimmed dog! Thanks so much for making him look so much better! Recommend Horning's Pet Grooming to everyone!! Debbie D. - April 16, 2012

I would trust these people with any of my animals. They are the nicest people and have the cleanest building I've ever seen, they are number one. Deana G. - April 15, 2012

We've been taking our two dogs to hornings for grooming for years we trust them very much and our dogs love them. We want only the best for our babies and won't use anybody else. Deana G. - April 15, 2012

Our dog Sophie loves going to Horning's for boarding when we go away. She always walks right in and makes herself at home.Thanks to the gentle love and care she remembers from past visits. I am so grateful for a place where I can leave her without any concerns. I know she will be happy and cared for. Sarah Sarah T. - April 20, 2012

They are great with my dogs,even when they misbehave. They are also willing to accomodate an early drop off or late pick up. The dogs look great after their grooming! Connie W. - April 19, 2012

again have gone here for many years and always satisfied thanks again darr and duane and employees for the caring of my animals Sandra W. - April 16, 2012

My dogs Love it!! Virginia J. - April 21, 2012

We are always pleased when we bring Sophie home after a grooming at Hornings. Sophie is a Golden Retriever and we prefer to have her cut short, especially in the summer. they do a great job. I have never needed to consider another place. She is always glad to see them. Sarah T. - April 20, 2012