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Hornings Dog & Cat Grooming

All Breed Pet Grooming

Our professional dog and cat grooming services has that same family oriented feeling. We know you love your pet and we want you to feel at ease while they are being groomed. Top quality shampoos and conditioners are used that meets your dogs needs. There are no additional charges for oatmeal treatments to help those pups with problem skin, flea treatments to get rid of those pesky critters or doggy facials to remove tear staining on your dog's face. If your pet needs a certain product to make them look or feel better we will use it on them, no additional charge. If you have a specific shampoo you prefer or your veterinarian recommends bring it in with you and we will gladly use it. We use only all natural flea shampoos and treatments... We do not use tranquilizers.

The owner, Darlene, has over 25 years experience in the dog grooming industry. There probably isn't a dog or cat breed out there that Darlene hasn't groomed before. Horning's Pet Grooming & Boarding is veterinarian recommended.

We groom Monday thru Saturday by appointment to better serve you and pick up and delivery service is available. Call for appointment: (330)935-0471 or (330)688-1441

Unlike many grooming shops we encourage communication between our groomers and you. You can speak directly to our groomers before and after your pet is groomed and also afterwards, discuss how your pet did and talk to you about their grooming experience.

We only use a continuous flow of fresh water when bathing your pet, many groomers use a re-circulating pump that re-circulates the same dirty water back over your pet. We welcome all breeds from very large to the smallest of our pet friends. Our caring staff understands pets with special needs and we can accommodate them as well. Some times a kind word or a special touch of reassurance is all that's needed to make your pet's grooming experience a positive one.

All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming

Pickup & delivery available

When you bring your pet to Horning's to be groomed you can expect a thorough bathing, massaging the shampoos and conditioners deeply thru your dog's coat. When drying we start out with a high velocity, no heat dryer, which many groomers do not have. This is very important step in removing dead and shedding hair from your pet, and greatly reduces the hair you find in your home. They are then fluffed dried with a heat dryer to finish the drying process (not caged dried). We will then cleanse your dog's  ears, trim their nails, de-mat and hand scissor or clip the body. All our groomed dogs go home with a bandana that usually reflects the time of year or holiday and if you like we also polish there nails and put bows in their ears.

Making your pet look and smell great while having a pleasant experience is our goal. If you're in the area stop by and check out our facility.

Dog Grooming Services

  • 25 years grooming experience
  • all breed grooming
  • cats groomed
  • skin & flea treatments included
  • all natural flea treatments
  • veterinarian recommended
  • open communication with your groomer
  • nails clipped for $5, just call ahead
  • fresh clean bathing water
  • pickup & delivery service
  • no cage drying
  • ear cleaning
  • nail polish, bandanas & bows
  • relaxed country setting